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Story Healing

is a creative therapeutic process which invites all our moments – from supurb to wretched – to be spoken, listened to, acknowledged, journaled, dumped, recorded, reviewed, reminisced, listed, dialogued, prosed, poetried, fictionalized, historicized as a legacy and to bring connection to self, family & community.
The intrinsic knowledge of story, has always been core to Aboriginal peoples’ healing and medicine. More recently research -has documented the healing power and outcomes – from neurophysiological to spiritual – of story telling and writing.

Story Healing For Individuals
  • Who desire to tell, be heard and listened, story healing bestows voice and comfort through hearing that we are not alone.
  • For those with medical labels, such as asthma, arthritis, immune, heart, terminal, cancer and life threatening conditions, pain, disability, trauma and depression, story healing builds a bridge into community
  • For those who are experiencing stress associated with health and life challenges, a curative process results
  • And for families and carers, story healing is a means to share, to more fully know their loved one, to empathize and celebrate together
Story Healing For Communities, Organizations, Workplaces and Practitioners
  • Story healing offers knowledge gifts which unify, empower and enable
best practice and support
  • Gives evidence based skills for how to help people find and tell their story
The Story  Healing Process is
  • Strengths and asset based
  • Utilizes enablers-tangible and intangible
  • Questions appreciatively
  • Includes therapeutic, generative and intentional story seeking

For those who desire to be heard & for organisations who desire Story Healing in their philosophy of care.

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