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  • exploration and clarification of their writing dream and book
  • practical and inspiring writing tools to broaden, explore and increase confidence in the writer self, in writing and in writing their book
  • writing techniques and practice
  • information on all aspects of “out into the world” publishing and marketing.


Share your writing dream and believe to begin, to write your truth – your truth is unique and no-one can write it as you will.

  1. Process
  2. Invitation – A Reading
  3. Mapping Your Book
  4. Encapsulating
  5. Writing Tools: Space. Discipline
  6. Practical: . How can I write that? Practical Practice: Tense, Voice, Point of View
  7. Tangible Sources
  8. Intangible sources
  9. Character Sketch: Practical Practice
  10. Dialogue: practical Practice
  11. The Life of Your Book. The Life of You a Writer.
  12. “Out into the World” publishing and marketing.
  13. Sharing Readings

AUDIENCE: All genres, age 18 and over

DURATION: Full day – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m or  6 x 2 hour weekly sessions
Follow up workshopping and mentoring available


  1. Participants will leave with a “map” of their book
  2. Participants will leave with written pieces from the writing tools exercises
  3. Participants will have a solid writing sources list to continue to write from
  4. Participants will have multiple options for structuring their work
  5. Participants will be able to construct a character sketch
  6. Participants will have information on publishing options
  7. Participants will have information on marketing tools
  8. Participants will have had opportunities to read their work, gaining confidence and feedback.

Valerie Albrecht: Author, Biographer, Story Crafter with Aboriginal Peoples, Eastern-Western Health Practitioner and Educator (speech pathology, yoga, birthing, massage practitioner) has written and taught in Australia, Portugal, India and the East and West coasts of America with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Her workshop “From a Dream to a Book” is for those who dream to write their book. All genres. All writers.

Geralton WA workshop 2016

Dates: Please contact if you would like this workshop 0406052339

2023: Saturdays 11-1 p.m. and
Thursdays 4.30 p.m – 6.30 p.m.

2020: Wednesdays 11-1 p.m. by Zoom

2018 Term 2
Tuesdays at Belconnen Arts Centre.

2018 March 17
At ‘Art Not Apart’ Festival

2018 April 14, 22, 29
ACT Heritage Festival

2017 Term 3
LakeNite Learning Canberra University College Wed 6.30-8.30.

2017 August 1
Holt Canberra 9.30 – 4 p.m

“An informative, supportive, intensive learning experience led by a skilled and enthusiastic facilitator/teacher -thank you so much!”

“Very skilled teacher, getting the right amounts out of everyone, everyone feels accepted to share.”

I’m so proud to be able to share these “From A Dream To A Book” writing course reviews from Term 1 at Lakenite College Belconnen Canberra. Thank you for allowing me to provide the “string” for your words. The post course fortnightly workshopping group starts after Easter. All writers with writing dreams in progress welcome.
I found that Valerie’s style of teaching uncovered different windows to look at my work through – ways of structuring that I would not have thought of. …Also her teaching information on constructing characters was complete and comprehensive – more than I have experienced previously. From the course I certainly have a clearer picture of what I would like my book to look like, how much and what kind of work it is going to take on my behalf to complete the project, what I’m looking for in terms of publishing it, resources re literary devices and pieces of my writing which are very instructive. Valerie’s personal experience with her four books highlighted the choices you need to make with publishing and marketing. We also experienced workshopping – very useful for how to work with feedback. I’m looking forward to the after course sessions with our group.
I found the course both useful and enjoyable. This was the first time I had undertaken a writing course and it helped me gain an understanding of how to structure my writing, as well as the importance of discipline where writing is concerned. It was also good to have a smaller class size, as I think it encouraged better understanding and participation as well as fewer inhibitions about discussing one’s ideas and work. Thank you for sharing the many aspects of becoming a writer. They will be valuable for me in the course of my writing journey.
I came into the course with a very vague idea of a book and no clear way forward. The activities Valerie gave around writing from senses, writing from tangible and intangible sources and the great many options for structuring a book fired my imagination and moved my vague book idea to a map and chapters on the way. These exercises gave me tools to keep working on my dream book. I completed the course with information about publishing and marketing which I am not up to using yet but will be useful for the future when my dream of a book makes it to final manuscript stage.